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Video Doorbell

Now you can stop worrying about the cost of a Video Doorbell, how to install it, how long its battery can last or its lifespan due to wear & tear. 

Just need to download, print and paste TeleBell QR Code Video Doorbell to your home front door.  That simple and easy.

Visitor scans Telebell QR Code to ring the doorbell. You answer the ring doorbell from anywhere with video on your mobile phone.


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TeleBell QR Code Doorbell - Wireless Vid
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The New ERA Video Doorbell - TeleBell QR Code Video Doorbell

  • No Installation Required

  • No Power Consumption

  • No Subjected to Wear and Tear

  • No Wifi Needed in House

  • Add Multiple Users

  • Transfer visitor call to and between users

  • GPS Tracking on Added Users. Enable On/Off by Individual User

  • Answer Visitor Anywhere 

  • Two-Way High-Quality Audio 

  • One-Way High-Resolution Quality Video View

  • Store Video View Recording on Phone

  • Store Audio Communication on Phone

  • Send and Received Text Messages/Pictures with Visitors

  • Contact Visitors Whom You Miss Answering

  • Early Bird Registration - A Free Lifetime Subscription

Paste Doorbell Anywhere - Answer Visitors Anywhere

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TeleBell QR Code Video Doorbell

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