TeleBell Story.jpg
January this year, 2020, I was in a hardware store buying my 3rd doorbell.   I am asking about the cost of the doorbell. Whether the doorbell was easy to installed? The power source from the battery required regular replacement, limited lifespan of doorbell due to wear and tear!
 After deciding what doorbell to buy and making my payment at the casher by scanning a QR code. ‘Scan to Pay’!  I am thinking can a doorbell ‘Scan to Ring too’? 
A QR code doorbell, it just needs download, print and paste.
Visitors can scan the QR Code to ring the doorbell. You can answer the ring doorbell from anywhere by phone.
No hardware needed, no wiring needed, no power source needed and there will be no lifespan issues because there will be no wear and tear! 
I said WOW - INCREDIBLE!!! An idea was born.