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5 deadly reasons why everyone should need a QR Code Doorbell?

Updated: Feb 16

Think of buying a Smart Wireless Doorbell for your home? You’re not alone. The Smart Wireless Doorbell device that is connected to your front door has been one of the biggest and most popular smart home hit. It’s a doorbell with a video camera and a two-way communications device all wrapped into one.

Do you know that you can create a QR Code Doorbell that has the same features of a Smart Wireless Doorbell with more practical functions?

It’s not a hardware

QR Code is not a hardware, therefore it requires no installation, no wiring, no battery to power the system. You do not need any maintenance because it does not subject to wear and tears as it is not hardware.

What you need to do after you created the QR Code Doorbell, you just need to download, print and paste to the front door.

You are always at Home

Just like a Smart Wireless Doorbell, you can answer the door from anywhere, you can see your visitor and you can have a conversation with them, but it has a higher-definition and microphone because the live video stream, speaker and microphone are directly streaming from both you and your visitor mobile phone.

Telebell QR Code Doorbell
Telebell QR Code Doorbell

This applies whether you’re at home or away, enabling you to answer your door from the couch, from the bed, from your desk at work or anywhere.

This provides better security while no one is at home because you can always answer your visitors like you are always at home.

Home Elderly Burglary Safety

Elderly home alone is more vulnerable to strangers who have criminals intentions, being the victim of a brake-in or theft when answering to a doorbell.

TeleBell Home Elderly Burglary Safety
Home Elderly Burglary Safety

When you can answer your doorbell directly from anywhere like you are always at home, it becomes a protection layer and makes it harder for any perpetrator to act. This keeps you home and elderly safety while you are not at home.

Paste a Doorbell Anywhere

With a QR Code Doorbell can you paste it anywhere where you’re expecting visitors without worry

Telebell QR Code Doorbell - Paste Anywhere
TeleBell QR Code Doorbell - Paste Anywhere

about installation, electricity or wear and tear.

You can paste the QR Code doorbell at Office doors, Shop doors, Sales counters and even at an unoccupied house where there is no supply of electricity.

Lost & Found

Anyone who travels is aware of the huge number of bags that go missing each year. In addition, consider the amount of stuff that’s left behind at security checkpoints, in hotels, planes, taxis, restaurants and anywhere else people travel. What’s surprising is that in far too many cases, there’s no way to identify and contact the owners, and unclaimed items end up being sold as salvage.

TeleBell QR Code Doorbell Lost & Found Tag
TeleBell QR Code Doorbell Lost & Found Tag

You can avoid this happening to you by pasting the QR Code Doorbell to all your personal items, be it, laptop, mobile, luggage, passport and etc. The finder can contact and find you by scanning the QR Code Doorbell.

If you are interested in downloading your own ‘QR Code Doorbell’, you can click on TeleBell to get your QR Code Doorbell for free.

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